Polkaspot started in April 2009 based on a vision of providing a unique facility where children and their families could get multiple services under one roof.

The Polka Spot mission is to maximize the potential abilities of children with differences in aspects of their development. We aim to optimise each child's potential through multidisciplinary therapeutic intervention, providing Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Nutritional Advice and Psychological support as appropriate. While offering continuity with the ease and convenience of providing all therapies under one roof, the multidisciplinary approach fosters collaboration, thereby maximizing progress according to the child's ever-changing needs, as the team works interactively catering for the child in totality

At Polka Spot, we encourage active participation by parents and consult with other health professionals and specialists working with the child.  

We strive to increase awareness of the importance of early intervention among parents, educators and medical professionals as well as to offer multi-disciplinary resources and services through parental guidance and support, preventative and remedial therapies.


According to our Constitution education is a basic Human Right. Children with special needs need an Individual Educational Plan with supportive therapies. Our ultimate dream is that all children in South Africa will have access to the support they need to realise their potential.

Our aim is to provide a model for Early Intervention services that can be duplicated in every community in our country.

We aspire

1. To having a pre-school affiliated to Polkaspot where young children can be educated with seamless therapeutic support in the classrooms and individual sessions taking their individual differences and ever changing needs into consideration. A multidisciplinary team of therapists passionate about Early Intervention for children with special needs, who work together ensuring that parents are be supported, and children have access to the therapies they need on their journey to reaching their potential in all aspects of their lives.

2. To provide therapy to children whose parents cannot afford it.

3. To provide training for therapists parents and facilitators in accordance with principles of child centred intervention; where the child's social and emotional development and needs are respected and are the starting point for facilitating change.

4. To establish a resource centre for parents of children with special needs and professionals needing materials and information on topics related to Early Intervention.

If you know any person or organisation who can assist with funding to help us to reach these dreams which seem unattainable at this point, do not hesitate to contact us at info@polkaspot.co.za


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